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About us


I am José Almeida, and I started Dream Overland a few years ago.

My love for the outdoors and my connection with “cars” began early in my childhood. Over of the years, my passion for nature and travelling became increasingly bigger. Having started as a simple enthusiast I became a member of clubs and organisations both in Portugal and the UK. Since 2011 I became the correspondent of Land Rover Owner International magazine (, and more recently I started working with Overland Journal Europe magazine ( Over the years I’ve acquired some specialised skills, both as an advanced driver and as an instructor with Land Rover Experience. In addition to the technical and driving qualifications, I also have a First Aid Certificate awarded by the Portuguese Red Cross.

Nature conservation has been an enduring passion and priority in my life, hence my involvment with various environmental organisations.  One project very dear to me, is the piece of woodland I own in the high mountains of Portugal, where I am re-establishing the natural habitats once destroyed by wild fires.

In all these years worth of experience, I have lived some unforgettable moments in many parts of the world and I’ve been able to do some of the things I like the most: traveling, enjoying the wonders of nature and contacting with new people in remote places. Being so lucky to live in a wonderful country such as Portugal, I am always looking for new magical places to discover the best and most authentic things the country has to offer, so I invite you to join me in of our next trips!



Why Dream Overland?

The dream of travelling overland started while preparing the first trip for Land Rover Owner magazine to Portugal back in 2011. We became a fully registered tour company in 2014 and we base our activity on the values of legal compliance, nature protection and sustainability . We operate according to the Portuguese legislation, which determines that only people (local or foreign) accredited by the local authorities can run off-road and overland trips in the country.

We have a special environmental accreditation from the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests allowing us to drive inside Nature Parks and other protected areas (where permitted), and we are members of the brand (, reserved for entities who adhere to the programme. Following the recent COVID-19 pandemic we were awarded with the Clean & Safe seal from the Portuguese Tourism Authority for complying with the official health and hygiene requirements for the prevention and control of the virus outbreak.



Our trips are much more than just going from A to B and we distinguish ourselves for having a higher purpose: Discover and promote the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of Portugal, in a safe, responsible and sustainable way, so that in the end our guests will have stories to tell and memories to relish. In each new journey through the most beautiful and remotest places in mainland Portugal, we discover an authentic and truly surprising country with a sense of adventure and discovery that enriches us as human beings.



Our offer is based on a personalised service with tailor-made trips meeting the personal interests of our guests. To give you a truly memorable experience, we are constantly exploring and spending countless days out in the field in contact with local people and organisations in search for the best places of interest and the best routes. As a result of this research, we have acquired a deep knowledge of the whole country which allows us to give our guests a renewed level of novelty and differentiation in every new event.   As a client from New Zealand, now a good friend of ours, told us one day, “… on an adventure trip to a country other than yours, nothing replaces local knowledge…”.

During our events we privilege the contact with nature in a legal and responsible manner with the aim to reduce the impact of our passage, by working with official entities and other environmental organisations.  Every year we plant many autoctonous trees in an effort to turn Dream Overland into a carbon-neutral company, an action that our customers can support and partake in. With our trips we contribute to the social cohesion and economic sustainability of local communities, through the knowledge and promotion of their traditions, handicrafts, heritage and local produce. We think we’re not the average tour guide, and we take great pride in that.