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Wild Portugal 2022

Away from the cities and motorways, Portugal is still a remarkably wild and natural country. On this trip, wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers will discover how wild and diverse the Portuguese countryside is, despite the small size of the country compared to other European nations.

The route of this trip will go all the way from the extreme north of Portugal down to the south Atlantic coast, through some of the country’s remotest and wildest areas. The tour will include visits to nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries, providing travelers with a unique travel experience.

The journeys through some truly remote areas, the close contact with nature and the exclusive overnight stays in nature reserves under the moonlight will provide you with the ultimate Overland trip in western Europe and will make you feel like you’re in a safari (we just can’t promise the lions).

Along the way, we’ll always be learning about the culture, architecture, food and history of each place, and most of all, we’ll interact with the local people and learn about their way of life in a personalised and exclusive way.

The accommodation on this trip is in good quality campsites, except for one or two nights where we’ll stay at a wildlife reserve with cold showers and simple facilities just like in the African savanna.

Dates: 16-29 May 2022


Two people/vehicle: 1700 Euros – 1500 GBP

Single Adult discount/Extra: 350 Euros – 300 GBP

Children (under 15 years): 300 Euros – 250 GBP

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