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Lost Cultures Forgotten Heroes Expedition

Miguel Torga, a Portuguese writer, once wrote about Trás-os-Montes: “I will tell you about a wonderful kingdom. Although many people say otherwise, there have always been and there will be wonderful kingdoms in this world. … This one not only exists, but it’s one of the most beautiful you can imagine. It begins at the very top of Portugal, as the nests are at the top of the trees so that the distance makes them more impossible and desirable … “.

As never before in our trips, we set off in search of this unknown “kingdom” and its deepest soul on the first Lost Cultures Forgotten Heroes expedition (, and the truth is that we met some “princes” and “princesses” who proved that it not only exists but still maintains its unique identity. A memorable trip to read and feel on the summer edition of Overland Journal Europe magazine.











Impressions and Comments

We grew up in SA but we’ve lived in Europe for 35 years… Early next year our plan is to do a full European shake down circuit… The Portugal article, however, has convinced us to spend more time there!… Reader from London

Reader from London
Overland Journal Europe