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Travel wisely

Recently we had an interesting conversation with someone about the pricing of our trips, which made us reflect about this.
Some will say X amount of money for coming on one of our tours is too cheap given what they get in return. Others will probably think it’s too expensive Vs. what they see being advertised elsewhere on the “cheap” web.
In this business of taking people around Portugal on an adventure trip, the peace of mind of our guests is by far the single most important thing for us, not the money we may get paid.

But what exactly does “peace of mind” mean for us, and how shoud this set responsible companies apart from the outlaws that wonder around the world (here included)? Keep reading…

For us, providing total peace of mind to our guests is ensuring they know that:
– We have all the legal permits and permissions required by the Portuguese authorities
– The local environmental regulations are always strictly followed on our trips (e.g. no wild camping)
– Every single road or off-road track is safe and legal to drive, especially in environmentally protected areas
– We’re respecting people’s customs and contributing to the well-being of local communities
– We will not be trespassing or invading private property
– In the case of something bad happening, we are legally insured, and will act responsibly
– We will look after them and assist them with anything they might need.
– We’ll pass by people and places leaving a positive impact and giving them something back
– Everyone will go back home, enriched as a human being

These are some of the things that keep us awake at night when organising our overland trips in Portugal, to make sure our guests have nothing to worry about, and can enjoy their trip in full.

So, next time you go on an adventure trip to an overseas destination, how much do you think your peace of mind is worth?

overland picnic portugal


“We have just completed a wonderful 11 day journey through the high mountains of Portugal. What sets this company apart is the level of research they undertake for each version of the trips they do. Our guide, Jose Almeida, has a great love for his country and very detailed knowledge of its history, geography and nature. As a result I felt that I had experienced 4×4 tourism at a new level of excellence.”

D. Mason (United Kingdom)